Things to Consider When Choosing the Color for Shingle Roof Replacement in St. Charles, MO

by | Aug 14, 2017 | Roofing

When choosing a new roof, people often take into consideration the different options for materials, but they don’t always think about the different available colors of roofing materials. Taking a few tips regarding color choices during Shingle Roof Replacement in St. Charles MO can make a big difference in the final appearance of the new roof.

Energy Efficiency

Lighter colored roofs can help to limit cooling costs during warm weather, so those looking to save on energy costs may want to consider white, tan, or light gray shingles for their roof, as darker shades absorb more heat. However, those who want a darker color can find brands that offer “cool roofs” in darker grays and browns as well.

Natural Surroundings

Sometimes it can be a good idea to choose a roof color that will help the home blend in with the natural surroundings, which could mean a green, gray, or brown roof, all of which tend to go well with the more bluish cast of the sun in the north.

House Color

Certain colors of shingle go better with certain house colors. For example, green, gray, dark brown, and black can all go well with red brick homes, while blue, white, green, gray, and black are suitable for gray homes. Any color can work well with a white home, while green, black and brown tend to be suitable for brown homes.

Consider a Mix

One option not everyone considers is a mix of shades of shingles, either all in the same color family or in multiple colors. This works better on homes that don’t have a lot of different colors used in other parts of the home’s exterior.

Neighborhood Homes

It’s a good idea not to have the roof color stand out too much from the others in the neighborhood when choosing colors for shingle roof replacement in St. Charles MO. This could potentially affect the ability to sell the home in the future. Choosing the same or a similar color can make the homes of the neighborhood look more harmonious.

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