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The Services Offered By Residential Roofing Contractors In Fort Collins CO

The roof of a structure is one of the last things on anyone’s mind until disaster strikes. A small leak can occur and leave a structure unsafe to live in and lead to serious issues with an electrical system and the presence of mold and mildew. When problems arise, it is important to reach out to one of the many residential roofing contractors so the problem can be addressed and repaired as quickly as possible. Letting a leaky roof go without repair can lead to serious issues with the structure. Contact a professional if any of these problems arise.

Roof Leaks

A leak can be caused by a variety of issues, from physical damage to a faulty roofing product. Most leaks start as a small drip, but will quickly grow into a small deluge during massive rainstorms. A roofing contractor will be able to determine the exact cause of the leak and repair it so further water damage can be avoided. Attempting to track down the location of a leak can be challenging, and cause a homeowner to create more damage and require additional repairs.

Missing Shingles

High winds and thunderstorms can cause shingles to fly off of a roof. This is a common problem, but many homeowners don’t realize the urgency that is needed to repair it. If the shingles are not replaced, then leaks are likely to form. Residential roofing contractors in Fort Collins CO can replace missing shingles and determine if any other damage that warrants repair was done. This will prevent future issues and keep a home dry during torrential downpours.

Leaky Chimneys

A chimney is one of the greatest causes of roof leaks. The flashing around the base of the chimney is made of metal, and if the metal is shifted or becomes rusted, it can cause the area around it to leak into the attic of a home. While surface sealants can repair the problem temporarily, it is important to have the flashing replaced by a roofing contractor to ensure any future water issues are eliminated.

Don’t let problems with a roof go unchecked. Contact the roofing professionals at CCG Roofing & Project management and see how they make easy work of maintaining a roof.