The Importance of Gutters in Columbia MD

by | Jul 21, 2016 | Roofing

Gutters in Columbia MD are often the most neglected component of any residential and commercial building. The truth is that the gutter system protects the roof, the siding, and the foundation of a building, as well as the land at the perimeter. Keeping the gutters clean, clear, and maintained can prolong the life of the building. The primary function is to remove excess water from the roof by allowing it to run off, and away from the building. Gutters that are clogged, separating from the building, dented, or not connected properly to the downspouts will not be effective. Water will collect on the roof and cause a lot of damage. The weight of the collected water can cause the roof to bow, wear, and deteriorate at a fast rate. Leaks can destroy insulation, rot the structural components of the building, and promote the spread of mold and mildew. Damaged shingles or tiles can allow pests and birds to make nests in the roofing materials.

Siding is damaged by Gutters in Columbia MD that have cracks, overflow from clogs, or become loose. Instead of leading water away from the building, water is allowed to run down the building. This can cause leaks at the top of the siding, and allow water to enter from the corners as well. The siding can warp or crack, which decreases efficiency and fails to protect the exterior walls. The siding, walls, and window encasement can rot and allow water, drafts, and pests into the home. Water that collects at the foundation due to ineffective downspouts can cause cracking, crumbling, or settling. It may also cause erosion of the lawn which leads to basement leaks, and weakened foundations.

One way to prevent gutters from becoming clogged is to have guards installed on the existing gutter system. There are a few options that will fit any budget. Screens can be placed over the gutters to prevent leaves and debris from getting into the gutters. Water flow more freely, and gutters do not get weighed down by tree branches, softballs, or bird nests. Cleaning off the screens can be done with a ladder and a hose. Other guards consist of strong nylon that encloses most of the gutter. An experienced roofing contractor, like Politz Enterprises Inc, for example, can inspect the current system and make recommendations for the best type of guards to use.

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