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Situations Requiring a Call to Roofing Contractors in Orange County CA

Roofs are the first line defense against the weather. Maintaining that defense will help prevent water damage from occurring. In order to remain strong, the roofing material must be intact at all times. These are some situations in which to contact a roofing contractor to help restore the roof.

Reoccurring leaks are a concern that should be addressed by Roofing Contractors in Orange County CA. A reoccurring leak likely has one or more problems associated with it. The wood sheathing may have deteriorated to the point where it no longer supports the roofing material. This defect can cause water to continue to leak into the home. The leak may also be a part of a low spot with multiple sources feeding into it. Patching the area may not efficiently stop the leak, and other measures have to be taken to restore the roof’s integrity.

Old roofs have a great many issues to contend with. As the material ages, it loses all of its protective capability. Shingles may start coming loose. The water protection may fail. If there is a desire to change the type of roofing material is used, an evaluation will have to be done to see if adjustments to the roofing structure need to be made. For example, slate roofs will need to have extra support incorporated.

The Roofing Contractors in Orange County CA should also be contacted after a storm when damage is suspected. Strong winds, hail, and heavy rains can cause roofing material to loosen. Previous roof patches tend to be more vulnerable to storm conditions. It is hard to evaluate the roof by looking at it from the ground since some areas are hidden from a visual inspection. If there is a suspicion that the roofing structure has been compromised, discuss this with the contractors so the appropriate safety precautions can be taken.

Roofs withstand much of the abuse thrown at them by the weather. While they are designed to continue to persevere, there are some items that can compromise this protection. Visit J.L. Ray Company if any of these issues have plagued your roof. Getting these issues addressed quickly will save on future repairs.