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Signs You Need Leaky Basement Repair in Roswell, NM

One of the main reasons for home insurance claims is water damage. It’s also the primary cause of structural damage. Many homeowners think as long as the basement isn’t flooding, there’s no need to contact professionals. You can save time and money by identifying common signs of damage early. Here are some signs you need leaky basement repair in Roswell, NM.

Shimmers on the Walls

Have you noticed sparkly areas on the walls? When efflorescence forms, it may seem to shimmer. If you see this, the walls of your foundation likely have hairline cracks. These mineral deposits indicate you need repairs.

Musty Odors or Damp Air

Since the signs of water damage are often subtle, even if water isn’t pooling, you can tell there are problems with the smells. If you notice musty odors, moisture has been present for a while. You may also note the air feels damp. The musty smell can be caused by poor ventilation, leaks, or other issues.

Bowed Walls

Soil surrounding basement walls expands and contracts due to moisture content. Clay and other types of soil that retain more moisture can swell more. The constant pressure can cause the walls to crack or shift. If the walls seem to be misaligned, cracked, or bowing, consider leaky basement repair in Roswell, NM.


You shouldn’t see water stains on floors or walls unless you know of a leak. Even faint watermarks can indicate water permeating your foundation. If it happens, it’s likely to occur again or cause other issues.

If you notice these signs, you probably need leaky basement repair in Roswell, NM. Visit the Childers Brothers, Inc. to request a quote.