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Signs You Need a New Roof

When it comes to the security of your home and protection from the elements, what do you think is the most important aspect of your house? You would be surprised at how many people don’t answer “the roof” when asked this question. Because of this, every roofer in Lombard is taking service calls year-round for problems that could have easily been avoided.

Most roofs last about 20 years if they are taken care of properly with warranty-scheduled maintenance. Some last longer and some shorter. A lot of it depends on how much attention you pay to it. Of course, you want to make your roof last if possible, but each one has its time. Here are some signs you may need to investigate getting a new roof for your house.

  1. Spongey – Once a year or so, walk around on an accessible part of your roof. Make sure it is safe to do so first. If you feel any sponginess or softness, it could be a sign that moisture is getting through the shingles and into the lower layers of the roof. Down the road, this could lead to mold or leaking in the attic below it.
  2. Shingles Missing – If shingles are missing in your roof, it is a sign of more serious problems to come. This will require repairs at the very least but is usually a sign that you are going to need to replace your roof as soon as possible.
  3. It’s Old – Even if your roof doesn’t seem to have any visible damage, they could be right around the corner. Consult with a roofer in Lombard today to have them inspect your roof and tell you how much longer they think it will last. You may want to replace it now before you experience any emergency issues.

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