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Signs That it’s Time to Look into Roofing Repair in Rochester MN

Most roofs are supposed to last anywhere from 15 to 20 years, but other things may happen that require the roof to be repaired. Since most homeowners are not in the habit of getting up on their roof to check on it regularly, it’s hard to really know if there are areas that need attention until something happens. Here are some signs that suggest it’s time to look into Roofing Repair in Rochester MN.

The most obvious sign that the roof needs to be either repaired or replaced is a leak in the ceilings. Most people assume that when they see water leaking in from the ceiling that the roof needs to be replaced. Depending on where the problems starts and how long it’s been going on, it may be enough to just repair the leak. An experienced roofing company will be able to determine where the leak started, what caused it and will know the best course of action.

Another way a homeowner can tell that the roof might need to be repaired is if there are a lot of granules in the gutters of the house. As the outside elements wear on a roof, the granules will slowly wash off into the gutter. As the granules wash off, it is important to have the roofing company check for any uneven wear on different parts of the roof. Uneven wear can lead to leaks in the roof or loss of warm and cool air in the house.

The third sign is curling or cracked shingles on the house. Even with higher roofs, curling shingles are easy to spot from a distance. Instead of crawling up on the roof, the homeowner can walk down the street and see the overall condition of the roof. When shingles start curling, the rain and snow can get underneath and make its way into the house. It can start by getting underneath and slowly rotting the roof of the house. Those issues are best caught as soon as possible.

Don’t let any roof issues go too long without a professional looking at it. Regular maintenance of a roof can ensure that it lasts the 15 to 20 years before needing to do any Roofing Repair in Rochester MN. To see a complete listing of roofing services, visit

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