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Signs It’s Time for Asphalt Paving Repair

With winter coming, it’s time to start thinking about property maintenance while there’s still time. The best way for property owners to tell if their asphalt surfaces require repair is to head out and take a look at them up-close. Read on to find out about some issues to look for that indicate the need for Asphalt Paving Repair before it gets too cold.

Large Cracks

Any cracks larger than ¼ of an inch are cause for concern, as they allow more water to seep into the surfaces, causing additional damage over the course of the winter. Freezes may be few and far between in the Dallas-Ft. Worth area, but they do happen, and when water freezes in the cracks in asphalt it can cause substantial damage. Fixing these cracks before the first winter freeze can save property owners some money and a lot of hassle come spring

Fading Color and Stains

If the color of the asphalt has changed noticeably or appears to be stained, it’s usually a sign the asphalt needs to be sealed. Unsealed asphalt surfaces are extremely vulnerable to damage when compared to their properly sealed counterparts, so there’s no excuse for neglecting this important maintenance.

Potholes and Surface Damage

When a pothole or other substantial surface damages appears, it can be dangerous to cars and pedestrians as well as the asphalt surface itself. Failing to fix these large and quite obvious issues is a huge mistake, as the problem will only worsen as winter settles in.

Cracked Sections Growing

If an area is covered in small cracks and it is beginning to spread, these small cracks should be considered a warning sign of trouble to come. The more the surface is impacted by these cracks the more expensive the repair project will end up being further down the road. Calling a contractor for Asphalt Paving Repair now allows property owners to sleep soundly all winter knowing they are not waiting for spring to complete a huge repair project.

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