Signs You Have Great Topsoil

by | Jan 8, 2018 | Landscaping

The topsoil is the initial six to 12 inches of ground that is found on many lawns. Quality topsoil will be full of nutrients and minerals, which promotes the growth of the plants you have. Unfortunately, not everyone has good topsoil. To determine if you do, you can use the information here. If you discover that you are lacking in the topsoil department, then you can use topsoil suppliers in Albany to deliver a quality mix to your home.

Look at the Tone of the Soil

Darker soil means that more organic matter is present. This means your plants are going to grow much better. If your topsoil is light in color, then it means that it doesn’t have these vital ingredients present. As a result, your plants won’t grow well.

However, topsoil that is black is also not good, as this means that there is a lack of minerals present. If the soil appears blue-green or even gray, it means that it has remained wet, which isn’t good.

Consider the Texture of the Soil

You can quickly run your fingers through the topsoil present to determine what it is made up of. A quality soil is going to crumble in your fingers. If you don’t have topsoil that does this, then you should consider ordering some from topsoil suppliers in Albany.

Taking the time to ensure your yard has quality topsoil will help ensure your plants, trees and shrubs thrive. Keep in mind, not all topsoil is good, so if you need a higher quality material, then utilize the services of topsoil suppliers in Albany. They can ensure you have the soil necessary to help your plants thrive and grow.

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