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Roofing Services in Saline, MI Include Recovers and Replacements

If your roofing membrane is no longer sound, you will need to replace it. Replacement entails removing all the roofing material down to the decking, or the insulation membrane, vapor barrier, and flashing. When you can have the current roof and membrane in place and install a membrane on top, this is known as a roof recover.

Deciding on a Roofing Solution

When you speak to a specialist in roofing services in Saline, MI, you will learn that a roof recover option will prove only to be as good as what is underneath the roof. Therefore, this type of roofing service should not be considered if your current roof, deck, or insulation are no longer in good shape.

Also, when roofing services such as a roof recover are done, they should never be performed over a roof that contains wet insulation. Wet insulation should always be replaced with dry insulation before this activity continues. The cost of replacing the insulation will be added into the contractor’s price. If replacing the insulation is too high, you should go ahead and replace the entire roof.

Adding Insulation: What You Should Know

Most roofing services that involve a recover will necessitate the addition of dry insulation before a new membrane can be installed. Before the insulation is applied, all irregularities in the current roof are removed. Always add insulation over a reasonably level surface using enough fasteners or asphalt to stop lateral movements.

To learn more about roof recovers or roofing installation, you need to contact a roofing company that is fully knowledgeable – a business that can help you add a roof that is cost efficient and dependable. You can get this type of help when you call a business, such as Diversified Roofing. Whether you need a room for a commercial or residential property, you can install or rehab a roof that comes with a guarantee.