Repair or Replacement from a Roofing Service Tucson?

by | Nov 14, 2019 | Roofing

If a roof is leaking or damaged, then a property owner has to consider whether it is worth it to repair the roof or if the roof needs replacement. Because roofing companies make more money on a replacement than a repair, it can be difficult to take an unknown roofing company’s advice without worry about their motivations. That is why every property owner with a roofing issue should consider several factors when deciding whether to use a roofing service in Tucson to repair or replace their roof.

The Age of the Roof

The first factor to consider is the age of the roof. Roofing materials like shingles are rated for a certain number of years. However, weather conditions and maintenance can impact the life of the shingles. Depending on those factors, roofs can last from 12 to 30 years. Comparing the age of the roof to the expected life of the shingles can help a property owner determine whether repair is a reasonable option.

Damage to the Roof

While maintenance does impact the lifespan of a roof, weather conditions have a bigger impact. Has the roof been damaged by hail, ice, or other weather conditions? If a roof is damaged and weakened, it may need multiple spot repairs. At a certain point, it makes more sense to replace a roof than to repair multiple spots. However, what that point depends on the size and overall condition of the rest of the roof.

Condition of the Roof

While exterior damage to the surface of the roof may be visible on inspection, it is important to keep in mind that the condition of the underlying surface of the roof is also a factor. If a leak was undetected or ignored for a significant period, then this underlying surface may have taken substantial water damage and be degraded. If it is compromised, then repairing an overlying leak will only be a temporary fix.

Plans for the Property

Property owners also need to think about their plans for the property. If they have long term plans for the property, then a replacement roof from a Roofing Service in Tucson is probably the more economical long-term solution. If they plan on selling the property soon, then repair is probably a better choice.

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