Reasons Why You Might Consider Renting a Telehandler in Illinois

by | Feb 9, 2024 | Crane Service

A telehandler is also known as a telescope handler. These machines combine the ability to lift heavy items seen in a hydraulic forklift, with a height comparable to that of a small crane. They can carry up to 12,000 pounds and extend more than 50 feet. These powerful machines can be outfitted with pallet forks, aerial platforms, buckets, pushing blades, and more, making them versatile tools for multiple jobs.

Telehandler rentals in Illinois can be used to move heavy loads. Moving heavy materials in a construction site or from one place to another is made simple with a powerful telehandler. You can use different attachments to lift different types of heavy equipment, ranging from blocks to heavy boxes.

A telehandler rental in Illinois can be used to reach high places. A telehandler can go places where you can’t reach with the forklift. If you need to load heavy material safely on high shelves, clean the ceiling, replace high lighting fixtures, or do repairs on higher roofs without spending much money on expensive machines like cranes, a telehandler is the perfect tool.

The telehandler can also be used to clear job sites. Crews may use telehandlers with brooms or all-purpose attachments to eliminate waste products and remove debris efficiently. Some will use a telehandler to help care for trees. This is because these vehicles have enhanced mobility that allows crews to reach hard-to-reach places on a tree to prune branches and monitor the tree’s health.

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