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Protecting Lumber Supplies in Danbury CT

When a home improvement project is on the docket, the use of Lumber Supplies in Danbury CT may be necessary. Extensive work on a home requires that lumber is stored properly, so it does not become damaged before it is used. Here are a few tips that will keep wooden supplies in their original form.

Stack Lumber Appropriately

When using many pieces of lumber, keeping it in a compressed stack is best, so it does not become warped. This is especially important for plywood pieces as their thin composition makes them prone to bending if they are kept in a vertical position. Place larger pieces of lumber on the bottom of a stack and center additional pieces on top of them according to size.

Keep Wood Away From Moisture

Moisture causes wood rot or the possibility of mold growth on lumber. For this reason, it is extremely important to store any lumber in a dry location. Place it in a shed or garage rather than keeping it in an outdoor location. Covering wood pieces with a tarp will also aid in keeping moisture from causing havoc. It is important to make sure no droplets of water are trapped under the tarp before positioning it, however.

Avoid Direct Illumination

In addition to moisture, excessive lighting can alter the appearance of wood pieces. Lumber subjected to direct sunlight or constant illumination tends to fade. This alteration is not desirable if wood pieces are to be used in an area of the home where they will be viewed. Lighter shades of wood stain may not cover the faded portions in their entirety. Keeping lumber covered with a sheet or tarp will help to keep pieces uniform in color if their appearance makes an impact on the overall project result.

When there is a need to purchase Lumber Supplies in Danbury CT, finding a supplier known for their vast inventory and competitive pricing is preferred by many customers. Find more information by browsing the website or by giving the business a call to inquire about specific supplies needed to accomplish home improvement projects effectively.