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Protect Your Investment When You Epoxy Your Garage Floor In Folsom, CA

Epoxy your garage floor in Folsom, CA and preserve your concrete floor for years. Many people don’t know what a difference epoxy makes and don’t know to hire an expert. Not all concrete experts have extensive experience with epoxy. It’s always important to start with a quality slab of concrete for your garage floor. Even great concrete is susceptible to water, dirt, and cracks. A strong layer of epoxy will make your floor safer, easier to clean, and more durable than ever. Don’t ask just any concrete professional to coat your concrete. Trust professionals with a history of results and reliable methods.

Many professionals can fill cracks and gaps prior to applying your epoxy. You can usually get between one and three coats of epoxy. This material often lasts between three and five years and will typically make the floor noticeably shiny. Talk to your concrete professional about an epoxy formulated for UV resistance if your garage gets plenty of sunlight. Epoxy is a great option for floors that may suffer damage from grease, oil, and chemicals.

Epoxy Garage Floor in Folsom, CA is usually applied with a foam roller and must dry completely between coats. Customers who want a more eco-friendly product can look for water-based epoxy options. Most epoxy can handle a little bit of foot traffic after 12 hours. It is usually considered completely dry and ready for light use after 24 hours. You will need to wait one week for it to cure completely and use it normally.

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