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Protect Your Family and Home With a Roof Replacement in Charleston, SC

Like anything we build the roofs on our homes will eventually fail. In some cases this may be due to faulty materials or shoddy workmanship, but for most homes time and the elements are the real killers. Solar radiation constantly bearing down on asphalt shingles or the tar and felt roofing used in many industrial roof settings will dry the oils in the materials. This drying can lead to cracks and separations where moisture can accumulate and leak into the building costing the owner hundreds or thousands of dollars in repairs. It doesn’t matter where you live in Charleston, SC this type of damage can occur on any building in any location.

When the roofing material covering your home or business dries out or wears down too much it is time to consider a Roof Replacement in Charleston, SC. Most roofing replacements consist of the covering surface such as the shingles, but if the roof has suffered leaks then the underlying decking material may be damaged and require replacement as well. In the case of severe rot the rafters and joists may need to be replaced as well. This is one of the most important reasons to contact a well established roofing contractor like the South Carolina Roof Company to handle your repair job. These guys are not only insured and bonded but they are well accredited with their local BBB (Better Business Bureau).

In most cases people won’t realize they have a roofing problem until they see the stains or rotting wood somewhere inside their home. Of course, by this time it is much to late for a simple fix. You can avoid many major disasters by having your roof inspected on a regular basis. Most roofing contractors are happy to perform this service in order to avoid another massive Roof Replacement in Charleston, SC. Plus, a roof inspection can check for other problems besides simple water leaks. For example, as a home settles in place the building’s construction materials dry out. In some cases this drying can cause the lumber to crack. If this crack is located in a bad spot it could cause undue stress on the roof which could lead to serious problems later on. Visit us at South Carolina Roof Company.