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Protect the Home From the Elements Using Reliable Roofers in Oro Valley AZ

A roof is only as reliable as the components that it is made from and this is especially true for a roof that is covered in the typical, three-tab asphalt shingle. These products are usually thin and tend to dry out in the Arizona heat. The same is often true for the flat roofs that are used in the pueblo style of homes. The materials that coat these roofs can dry out over time and require another coating for reliable protection. Making these sort of repairs is where Roofers in Oro Valley AZ shine because fixing a roofing problem reduces the need for a complete roof replacement.

Of course, there is no such thing as a functional flat roof. In fact, a flat roof is actually one with a very low slope. The slope is required for proper drainage and to prevent the possibility of water pooling on the roof. Most low-sloped roofs will have a little pooling, but pools of water that exist for more than a day can cause a lot of problems. Water is a solvent, and it will eventually break down the protective layers of the roof. Contractors such as Ralph Hays Roofing recommend inspecting these roofs regularly so that pools do not form. Plus, an inspection can determine if storm damage has occurred so that the problem is quickly repaired.

There are various kinds of roof coverings such as clay tiles, cement tiles, asphalt shingles and metals like steel and copper. Selecting the best materials can be difficult for the average property owner. Expert Roofers Oro Valley AZ recommends a material that can handle monsoon rains as well as extreme heat. Composite asphalt shingles work well, but certain architectural styles call for tile. Unfortunately, clay tiles can be expensive to install and difficult to repair. One alternative is stamped steel. This type of steel roofing can simulate a variety of roofing options and clay tiles is just one example. Plus, stamped steel can be installed over existing asphalt roofs if the current structure is sound enough. This method of roof repair reduces the amount of debris that typically results from the replacement of asphalt shingles. Please browse website for more information.

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