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Prepare Your Pool for Summer with Vinyl Pool Maintenance in Suffolk County, NY

Summer is quickly approaching and you might be looking at your pool wondering if it’s time to get it ready. The short answer is, do it now! It’s going to take a little time to prepare a pool for use that has been sitting untouched through a harsh NY winter. Your water is probably green, and here may be scum, algae, bugs, frogs or snakes making your pool their home. Many homeowners prefer to call a professional in for Vinyl Pool Maintenance in Suffolk County, NY to ensure that all of these issues are taken care of properly.

If you call in a pro, the first thing that they are going to do is evaluate the pool. They will be looking for damage to any tile around the top of the pool and any tears or weak spots in the vinyl that the base of the pool is covered with. Sometimes, scum can eat through the vinyl, especially if a lower grade vinyl was used during the pool installation. A high-grade product should be fine.

Once they’ve evaluated the damage, they will quote you a price for repairs. If no repairs are needed, they will quote you a price on cleaning up the pool. The vinyl pool maintenance in Suffolk County, NY will include scraping off any scum off of the sides, vacuuming the gunk off of the bottom, skimming the pool to remove leaves, bugs or any critters and then checking to make sure that your chemical compounds are being used at the right levels. Anything else that needs to be cleaned will be addressed at this time as well.

Once everything is cleaned out, they will put more water in your pool. If you prepared for winter properly, then you will have drained some of the water out to allow for water expansion when it got cold enough to freeze. Once everything is back to normal temperatures, however, it will be necessary to put some water back in to meet required depths for each area of the pool.

Preparing your pool for use could take several days, depending on the type of impact this past winter has had on it. Calling in a pro will reduce the amount of time it takes to prepare, and this will also ensure that everything is safe to use. If you want more information on how a pro can help you, Browse our website today.