Potential Advantages and Disadvantages of Flat Roof Construction in Denver, CO

by | Mar 13, 2019 | Roofing

One type of roof more commonly seen on commercial than on residential buildings is the flat roof. While there are some real advantages to Flat Roof Construction in Denver CO, it’s important to understand the disadvantages as well before making any decision on whether to install this type of roof on a building.

More Usable Space

One advantage of Flat Roof Construction in Denver CO is that with a flat roof, you can use that space. This means you can install a living roof or a rooftop garden if you want to be more environmentally friendly, or you can just keep air conditioning units for the building on the roof.

Less Expensive

Another advantage of installing a flat roof is that it tends to be relatively inexpensive given the roofing materials used and the ease of installing them on a flat surface. Maintenance and upkeep also tend to be relatively inexpensive. Just think, it’s much easier to inspect a roof for damage when it’s flat and you can easily walk on it.

More Usable Interior Space

With a sloped roof, people often end up using the oddly-shaped space under the roof as an attic for storage. However, with a flat roof, the resulting space is much more versatile and can be turned into any type of room you’d like with the proper insulation. Thus, a flat roof helps maximize useful interior space.

More Accessible Roof Space

It’s much easier to perform maintenance or install things like solar panels or satellite dishes when the roof is flat. Easier installation typically means lower costs as well.

May Have Drainage Issues

If the flat roof isn’t properly designed and installed, there can be drainage issues with this type of roof. Water and snow slide down and off sloped roofs, but may tend to accumulate more on flat roofs. For this reason, many flat roofs are designed to be able to hold up under a little bit of accumulation.

Fewer Roofing Material Options

Another disadvantage to flat roofs is that you don’t have a lot of choice over the materials used to create the roof, so the materials may be less “stylish.”

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