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Why So Many Owners Install Metal Doors in South Jersey Homes

Residential door manufacturers offer a huge range of products in materials ranging from classic wood to trendy vinyl. However, it is still very common for owners to install Metal Doors in South Jersey homes. Steel doors are favorites because they are available in dozens of decorative styles and colors. They are also exceptionally durable and need little care to keep them looking their best.

Steel Entry Doors Add Style

Contractors who provide Metal Doors in South Jersey offer a variety of styles that can turn entryways into stunning features. Their doors bear little resemblance to the commercial steel doors found in so many businesses. They are so stylish that sellers often invite clients to “Browse our website” and compare options. Choices include everything from simple, single color models in eye-catching hues to elaborate styles with glass or wrought iron inserts. Many homeowners order custom doors that include side windows with stained glass. Clients can add elegant transoms, install imposing double doors or arrange for entry doors in shapes that add architectural interest.

Steel Doors Are Durable

One of the most popular reasons to order steel doors is their durability. Unlike wood, they do not splinter or rot. Insects do not affect metal doors and they stand up well to the harshest weather. It is very hard to damage steel doors, making them ideal for security-conscious homeowners. Most products are made with crack and warp-resistant 20-26 gauge steel. A good quality metal door will last for many decades and still look beautiful. Manufacturers also include extensive warranties.

Steel Doors Require Little Maintenance

The original finish on high-quality steel entry doors is tough enough to last through many seasons and retain its beauty. However, homeowners can repaint their doors if they want to change colors or simply give them a fresh look. Although mold and mildew do not grow on steel doors, homeowners do need to occasionally wash off residues left by human hands, rain or dirt, since they can become mildew or mold food sources.

Steel entry doors are popular among homeowners who want beautiful, durable materials that stand up to the harshest climate. Manufacturers offer a huge variety of beautiful steel doors that can be customized to suit any taste. Steel is also one of the most durable and easily maintained door materials.