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Making Choices About Burial Service In Gainesville, FL

In Florida, families discuss funeral planning options and requirements with a funeral director. The plans involve choices made according to the deceased individual’s preferences. If the individual didn’t make prior arrangements, it is up to the family to choose for them. A funeral director assists families when making choices about Burial Service Gainesville FL.

Choosing the Right Casket

The family reviews the full inventory of caskets available through the funeral home. Typically, the funeral director reviews the individual’s life insurance or burial policy and determines which casket is affordable based on the family’s needs for the service.

Planning the Service

Next, the funeral director guides the family through the funeral planning process. The family must make choices based on their loved one’s last wishes including the choice between a religious or non-religious funeral service. Song selections are discussed with the family as some families prefer to play their loved ones favorite music prior to or during the service.

Deciding if a Viewing is Necessary

Some families prefer to schedule a viewing for individuals who may not be able to attend the full funeral. It gives the visitors a chance to pay their respects to the lost loved one and express their condolences to the family. It also gives the family and friends a little extra time to say their goodbyes. A viewing is a great idea for individuals who had a larger than average family or who was important to the community.

Graveside Services and Burial

Graveside services are arranged by the funeral director as well. The funeral director delivers the casket to the location where the family wishes to bury their loved one. Typically, the family will need to make advanced arrangements with the cemetery director to excavate the grave and prepare the plot for the burial.

In Florida, families must plan a funeral according to any preferences of their deceased loved one. The details will include casket selection and whether or not the individual was religious or not. The family must also decide if they want a viewing or not. Families who have questions about Burial Service Gainesville FL are encouraged to contact Crevasse’s Simple Cremation Inc. for more information now. You can also connect them on Facebook.