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Let Expert Roofing Contractors in Palm Beach Gardens FL Eliminate Roofing Issues

Living in the Palm Beach area often means dealing with huge storms and a lot of roofing damage. This can get pretty expensive, especially when the homes are massive with roofs that have a large assortment of angles. Storm damage may be unavoidable, but keeping the roof in good repair can reduce the chances of a storm causing it to leak. Roofing contractors in Palm Beach Gardens FL can help by occasionally inspecting the roof and determining if any damage exists or if the structure is sound.

The property owner or manager can help as well by keeping the roof clear of rubbish. This reduces the chance of damage from wind-blown debris.Whenever a leak actually occurs, it pays to have the problem fixed as quickly as possible. One reason for this is that the water will damage the construction materials the roof is made from including things like the decking. Most modern roofing structures use a material known as OSB (oriented strand board) or plywood as the decking.

These products are made from thin pieces of wood and bonded together using a resin. OSB, for example, places the various wood pieces so the wood grains cross each other, and this design gives the board strength.To ensure the wood is the right thickness and eliminate air pockets, it is cured under heavy pressure. The resin may bond the wood fibers, but it doesn’t seal them from moisture. When water seeps into these fibers, it allows them to expand, and this can destroy the bonds they share. The result is swelling of the decking and soft spots that quickly fall apart.

Roofing contractors in Palm Beach Gardens FL can replace the damaged wood, but this can be an expensive repair. It is usually more cost effective to eliminate the leak before this sort of problem develops.One way to protect the roof is to find the best kind of material to cover it with. For instance, if an asphalt shingle must be used, then try for a Class IV product. Higher class materials can handle damage better including the effects of solar radiation. Another option may be steel roofing. The use of steel can provide protection from the harsh effects of saltwater. Contact us to learn more about quality roofing solutions.