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Does Your Landscaper Offer A Landscape Warranty?

Trees and shrubs of various varieties add to the aesthetic appeal of any commercial property. Today, property owners and managers have the option to select from native as well as exotic types of trees and shrubs to create the ideal look for their outdoor space.

Unlike residential types of trees and shrubs, where homeowners may choose saplings and small gallon container sizes of shrubs and allow them to grow, commercial landscapers will usually be asked to install mature trees and shrubs. These can be costly, particularly for the exotic species, and the commercial property owner may want to consider if a landscape warranty is offered or not.

What to Know

A landscape warranty offers protection for the property manager or owner should the tree or shrub die within the amount of time the warranty applies. However, there are restrictions on any warranty for live plants, just as there are for any other item purchases.

A warranty for a live plant requires the buyer, in this case, the commercial property owner, maintain the trees, shrubs or plants according to the landscaper’s recommendations. This includes providing the right amount of water, using the recommended fertilizers and planting the trees where and how the landscaping company recommends in their design plan.

Should the property owner fail to follow these requirements, or request a tree or plant the landscaping company does not recommend for use, the warranty is typically void for the specific plant or plant grouping.

Protecting Yourself

One of the easiest ways for a property owner to protect their investment and avoid violating the landscape warranty is to use the landscape company as the maintenance company for the property.

By choosing this option, and by not making any changes to the agreed upon design and placement of the plants, the warranty is in place, and any damage to the trees, shrubs or plants will result in immediate replacement as per the terms of the warranty.