Key Questions to Ask When Examining Your Landscape Warranty

by | Sep 8, 2017 | Construction Matrix

When it comes to choosing a landscaping firm, you need to cover the basics. That includes asking about the company’s landscape warranty. Know the terms and conditions of that warranty before you proceed. Here are a few questions to help decide if you have found the right one or not:

What’s covered?

Determine what’s covered under the warranty of the companies bidding for the project. Does the company offer warranties on all the plant materials to be installed? If they won’t, then that could leave you in a bind when those materials die out on you prematurely. Find one that offers you a warranty for plant materials, the Landscaping Network says. If you aren’t sure, ask. Figure out these details before you choose a landscaping partner.

How long?

How long will the warranty and insurance last? Is the length of time long enough? Most companies offer 1 year warranties, though some might provide 5 or 6-month warranties. Find out what each of those offers entail so you can choose the landscaping firm that provides you with a much better landscape warranty offer than all the rest. Also, don’t expect 5-year warranties since these can be unrealistic.

Are there any restrictions?

Say you do get a good—even excellent—warranty. Don’t be too hasty in saying yes and signing onto the dotted line. Review those rules and conditions with an eye to possible restrictions. The last thing you want is to find yourself at a distinct disadvantage simply because you got tripped by a restriction or even loophole in the contract.

Who will handle what?

The warranty must express what kind of responsibilities fall on you and on the company. Be clear on those responsibilities so you know what kind of services and assistance you can expect and what kind of measures are expected of you or your team.

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