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Keeping Pests Away From Fire Pits and Hardscape Designs in Randolph NJ

Hardscape features like a path, pond, wall, outdoor kitchen or fire pit really bring a landscape to life. However, if ignored, hardscape features can literally crawl with life. One way to keep pests away from landscapes and Hardscape Designs in Randolph NJ and elsewhere is to hire professional to maintain a pest-free property. However, there are many things a homeowner can do to make a yard beautiful and pest-free.

Stacking Firewood

Wood for open fire pits can attract wood-boring, and wood-eating insects and those insects, in turn, can be attracted by rodents like mice and rats. Store wood at least 20 feet away from a building so if termites do find the wood pile, they will not wander to a house or porch. Firewood should never touch the ground. It should be on palettes, two by fours or in an outbuilding with an asphalt or concrete floor.

Clean Up After Cook-outs

Cookouts and barbeques are a lot of fun. However, they can generate a lot of food mess. Make sure to seep up all crumbs and get all uneaten food indoors. Food left sitting out overnight will attract creatures from insects to raccoons. Make sure to sweep up spillage from bird feeders as well.

Eliminate Pools of Water

Hardscape Designs in Randolph NJ and elsewhere can create pools of still or standing water. Bird baths, fire pits, and patios with deep grooves need to be dumped or emptied when warm weather rolls around, or they become the perfect nurseries for mosquito larvae. Check the bottom of fire pits for pools of water, even if the pit is covered when not in use.

Replace Damaged Features

Cracks and breaks in hardscape features not only are unsightly but can create the perfect home for pests like mice, snakes, and insects. Get these fixed, removed or replaced with new features that pests cannot get into and squat.

In Conclusion

By taking a few precautions, homeowners can prevent pests from getting into fire pits or being attracted by them. Homeowners that have more questions about maintaining or installing new hardscapes and live in the Randolph, New Jersey area should check out website.