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Keep Your Home Healthy and Clean with Septic System Repair

Running water is a vital part of any home. It runs into the home to allow for drinking, cooking, cleaning and other tasks to maintain a home. It must run out of the home when used, as well. For many, the waste water exits the home into a septic system. This system cleans the water and returns it to the environment. This system must be properly maintained to ensure proper functionality. It is also important to know when Septic System Repair is needed to keep a home safe and healthy.

The function of a septic system

When waste water exits the home, it enters a tank. In this tank, the waste water separates into three sections. The top is oily materials that float on the surface of the water. The solid materials sink to the bottom of the tank, and the remaining water stays in the middle near the exit pipe. The septic tank contains bacteria that eats away at the solid materials as the remaining water exits to a drain field. The water is then filter through the drain field and re-enters the environment.

Maintaining the system

This system requires bacteria in the tank to perform properly. This helps to keep the solid waste material at a minimum. In addition, regular pumping of the tank can be required to prevent it from becoming too full. In addition, the drain fields and the piping that lead to them must also be kept clear and able to allow the water to pass through. If any of these parts fail, it can cause serious issues for the home.

When to seek repair

There are signs that can tell when Septic System Repair is necessary. If the waste water is not draining properly from the home, there could be a clog in the system, or the tank is becoming full. Waste water returning through the drains can pose risks to property, as well as health and should be addressed immediately. If there are foul odours coming from the drains or the yard. There may be an issue with the system. In addition, changes in the grass over the drain field or pools of water show problems with the drainage system. For more information, visit website domain.