Improve the Reliability & Beauty of That Home With Quality Roofing in Columbia MD

by | Feb 9, 2017 | Roofing

An aging roof can be a source of extensive damage. For instance, leaks around roofing details such as attic vents can let water seep under the surrounding shingles where it quickly soaks into the roof decking. This becomes an issue because most decking is made from an engineered wood like OSB (oriented strand board) or plywood. These materials tend to come apart after exposure to water because water makes the wood fibers swell and this breaks the bond between them and the resin that holds the decking together. In fact, this is one of the things that roofers look for when inspecting the structure. Another thing they check is the condition of the shingles. Aged shingles need to be replaced with more reliable Roofing in Columbia MD.

Most homes use some type of asphalt shingle. The most common of these is the three tab sheet, but other composite styles are available. For example, laminated shingles offer a very durable roofing solution and most manufacturers provide an excellent warranty on them. Laminates use an additional layer of asphalt over the back of the shingle and this gives them extra strength. Plus, laminates have a unique tab arrangement that creates a different look than traditional shingle products. For those locales where hail can be a problem, impact resistant class 4 shingles are available. This type of Roofing in Columbia MD is designed to reduce most impact damage.

If asphalt products are not the preferred roofing solution, then there are alternatives. Steel roofing is quickly becoming a favorite replacement material and one reason for this is that stamped steel sheets offer a lot of options. Stamped steel roofing can simulate the appearance of almost any other type of roofing solution including Mediterranean tiles, cedar shake and even the classic asphalt shingle. The metal can be protected by galvanizing it with an alloy of zinc and aluminum or it can be coated with a protective paint made with PVDF (polyvinylidene difluoride). Protection is important because it keeps the steel from being exposed to the elements. Most steel roofing has a service life of five decades or more and some manufacturers warrant the material for the life of the home. Learn more about roofing options from the professionals at Liberty Windows and Siding.

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