Important Information to Know Before Your Scissor Lift Rental in New York

by | Mar 8, 2022 | Equipment Rental

Scissor lifts are extremely useful pieces of equipment for many jobs. If you’re considering scissor lift rental in New York, then there are some things you should know before picking up your equipment. Read on to learn this valuable information.

Job Basics

Before renting a scissor lift, you should understand the extent of the work to be done with the equipment. How high will you need to go? How many days will you need the lift? You should also understand the limits of the scissor lift. It is not designed to project out from its base. Instead, it goes straight up and down, and it has a load-bearing capacity that should never be exceeded.

Safety Concerns

Scissor lifts can be dangerous. All personnel working with the equipment should be experienced or receive training on how to safely operate it. Additionally, the work crew should know the condition of the worksite and understand how it will impact scissor-lift stability. If the ground is uneven or not compact, extra measures may need to be employed to stabilize the lift.

Power Needs

Scissor lifts come gas or electric powered. The right choice for you will depend on what power options are available to you. If you choose electric, then you’ll need a source of electricity to charge the batteries, which could be land power or a generator.

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