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If You Need Garage Door Spring Repair in Leesburg, FL.

While your garage door helps to protect your home and storage, it’s much more than that. Garage doors act not only as a barrier, they are often the first thing that people notice about your home as well. Garages are also typically used to house vehicles, but they can be used for all types of storage. Since garage doors are so versatile, you’ll want to make sure yours is always in excellent working shape.

If your garage isn’t opening and closing properly, it may be time for a tune up. One of the most common problems garage doors have are related to spring issues. Here are five signs you need garage door spring repair in Leesburg, FL.

Excessive Noise

Do you notice that your garage door is making unusual noises, or that it’s operating louder than normal? If loud or strange sounds persist, you may need to seek repairs. Squealing, squeaking, and grinding can all be caused by spring issues that will need garage door spring repair.

You Can’t Lift the Door

Garage doors are designed to be able to be lifted by hand in the case of an emergency. If you find that you can’t lift your door and it feels heavy, it is likely the spring mechanism. It may be rusted or broken which may warrant repair or replacement.

It Makes Unusual Stops

If your garage door stops part way when you are trying to open or close it, you may have a spring problem on your hands. You’ll need to seek an inspection as soon as possible for garage door spring repair.

Slow Movements

Finally, if your garage door is moving slower than normal, you may need repairs. Slowed-down garage door movements can be caused by spring-related issues, causing the operation of your garage door to be ineffective. To learn more, call Business Name.