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How To Use a Contractor Management System To Audit Contractors in San Diego

Auditing is a powerful tool that helps businesses to comply with contractor audits. It can tell you if the contractor is insured, licensed and whether the contractor is safe while completing the job. In addition, you should meet the requirements of the Work Health and Safety (WHS) legislation. If not, the safety of everyone in the workplace is compromised. Read on to find out how to use a contract management system for auditing contractors.

Avoid Just Checking a Box

Auditors must do a thorough job of making sure the business is compliant. They must not make the mistake of just checking items off the list and moving on to the next question. However, a contract management system can help you meet your obligations under WHS legislation and prepare for contractor audits.

Store and Keep Documents on Hand

With this system in place, you can store copies of different documents. For example, businesses want to keep a record of documents that shows a contractor is competent. These documents may include qualifications, licenses, and training certificates.

Keep Record of Insurance

Businesses must verify that their contractors have insurance in case of an accident. The insurance should cover work-related accidents and public liability. Your system also should include company inductions. They show that employees are made aware of any on-site hazards.

A contract management system is not hard to implement and maintain. You can even start with an excel spreadsheet. However, auditors also want evidence of documented procedures that match what is happening in the workplace. Contact at to discuss your project.