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How to Keep Squirrels From Damaging Your Roof

Squirrels are cute but the damage they cause to homes and roofs is downright ugly. Squirrels can not only cause holes and damages to roofs and eaves, but can damage attics, insulation and wiring on top of or connected to the roof. Squirrels explore the world with their mouths and chew on anything to see if its good to eat. When they chew wires they can cause not only power outages but fires. Here are tips from Business Name on how to prevent squirrels from using your home as their home.

Get Your Roofs Inspected Annually

Getting roofs inspected every year is a chore that many homeowners put off. Although it’s good to check the roofs and flashing for damage after particularly hard storms, roofs should be checked at least once a year before the next big storm hits. Squirrels can squeeze through surprisingly tight cracks in eaves, flanges, siding or roofs. They widen small holes with their powerful teeth. Holes or cracks should be fixed as soon as possible before squirrels find them. The best way to get these holes fixed right is to contact a residential roofing in Nassau County NY to do the job.

Keep Trees Trimmed

Squirrels are quite acrobatic, leaping many feet from trees or wires to get on top of roofs. Keep any nearby trees on your property trimmed so that branches or limbs do not serve as convenient launching pads for squirrels. Trees can survive what looks like severe pruning. Some roofers are also tree surgeons or can trim tree limbs. Ask your Residential Roofing in Nassau County NY contractor if he or she can also trim any branches a few feet away from the roof.

Never Rely on Squirrel Repellents

Commercial squirrel repellents make anything a squirrel likes to chew on taste really bad. However, these repellents are not 100% effective to an incredibly determined squirrel. Talk to your roofer about using repellents and when they need to be reapplied. Repellents cannot hurt, though, but they do not keep squirrels away all by themselves. You also need to make sure trees are trimmed and there are no holes in your roof to attract squirrels to your roof.