The Growing Popularity Of Epoxy Floor Coatings

by | Jan 18, 2017 | Coatings

It has been a staple for years in commercial and industrial structures. The warehouse floors and car dealerships display rooms all feature sealed concrete floors. These facilities use epoxy. Now epoxy floor coating is becoming very popular for Dallas residents. They are using it to coat their garage floors.


Traditionally, industrial and businesses have chosen epoxy coatings for practical reasons. Epoxy coatings are functional. They possess several desirable characteristics including:

  • Durability
  • Resistance to scuffs, scrapes and scratches
  • Chemical resistance
  • Lasting up to 10 years
  • Non-slipping
  • Ease of walking on
  • Low maintenance demands

Residential buyers are attracted by these and other qualities. Like some businesses, they appreciate the glossy appearance. They admire it and, thanks to the increased interest, are able to purchase the product in a variety of colors.


Most Dallas residents cite the attractiveness of the material and its various ways of standing out. Admittedly, you can still have a plain white, beige or grey floor. Yet, the color, and how it shines, are two major reasons why people want to install an epoxy floor. No longer do they want to hide their garage away. They want to flaunt it.

The new flooring can reflect the architecture of your residence or provide a new look. The manufacturers have made it easy for you to accomplish this. You can now choose from a wide selection of colors. An epoxy floor coating is now available in up to 150 different color and color combinations. They can sparkle. Your contractor can use the latest paint flakes to provide your garage with a pattern while protecting your old garage floor. In fact, by combining the right layers, your coating will even conceal flaws currently existing in your garage floor.

Your Epoxy Floor Coating

The popularity of epoxy floor coating continues to grow. Dallas homeowners are embracing it for their garages. They love its functional aspects. They also welcome its aesthetic appeal.

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