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by | Jan 21, 2016 | Roofing

A failing roof can be one of the more devastating catastrophes, especially if the problem has been ongoing or unnoticed. Surprisingly, this happens more often than most folks realize because most of the roof is difficult to see. Plus, what can be seen such as the bottom of the roof is actually the back of the decking. If the moisture has reached this far, the leak is very serious. Roofing Contractors in Louisville KY can help by inspecting the roof for signs of problems, but this requires the property owner to contact an expert. There is no specific schedule for this procedure, but every few years should be adequate. At the very least, the owner should inspect as much of the roof as possible after any major storm.

Storms can do a lot of damage and it isn’t always immediate. For instance, heavy winds can pull at the shingles just enough to allow a leak. As the water gradually works its way under the shingles, it eventually reaches the decking. If the leak is a steady supply, then the decking will probably rot. However, if the leak exists during cold weather and moisture accumulates under the shingles, then ice may form and increase the amount of damage. This cycle continues as long as water can be trapped in the roof and freezing conditions occur.

One of the more common areas for Roofing Contractors in Louisville KY to focus on are the roofing details. This can include useful items like attic vents and flashing. It may also include any edging used to protect the eaves or gutters. These areas are often prone to leaks because they don’t always seal thoroughly. To install or replace a vent, the roofer will need to remove the shingles around the area to access the thin, steel plate that holds the vent to the roof. They will also need to remove the original sealant so the replacement will fit snugly. Finishing the job is basically the removal process in reverse. That is, the roofer will install the vent and seal the plate in place before replacing any shingles. For more information about roofing solutions contact the experts at Business Name.

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