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French Drains In Wakefield MA Can Stop Flooding And Water Damage In A Basement

Water in the basement is usually a sign the French drains for the home are not working properly. Many of the French drains for a home are at the base of the foundation along the footer. These drains prohibit water from creating pressure against a foundation causing it to deteriorate. Many newer homes have inside french drains in Wakefield MA. Inside drains travel through a series of pipes into a pit with a sump pump. The pump will push the water to the outside of the home and away from the foundation. Inside drains are beneficial for existing homes because there’s no need to excavate the yard or the landscaping.

When a homeowner notices cracks or wet spots in their basement, they need to contact an experienced basement waterproofing company. Cracks will continue to expand if proper repairs and corrections aren’t performed. If the basement is in need of inside French Drains in Wakefield MA, the company will supply the homeowner with a written quote of the work that needs completed. After the homeowner thoroughly understands the process and agrees to work, the company will establish a start date that is convenient for the homeowner.

They will immediately begin the process of removing the concrete from around the floor along the outside walls of the home with a jackhammer. Once all of the concrete is removed, they will place a layer of stone with PVC pipe to drain any water entering the home. They will also dig a pit to place the sump pump in. During this process any cracks in the foundation or floor should also be addressed with a crack injection process. If the wall is bowed, it should also be corrected during this phase of the repairs. Once the entire French drain system has been put into place, they will concrete over the floor with a smooth finish.

Water problems in a home can destroy the structural integrity of a home and offer the opportunity for mold to grow in a home. It’s important to protect your home with waterproofing solutions. If your home or business is suffering from a wet basement, please feel free to contact us.