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Foolproof Guide on Finding a Home Contractor

If you want excellent results, you’ll need to find the right general contractor in Toronto to head up your project. Overhauling your space requires someone organized, thoughtful, and qualified. Here’s a foolproof guide to help you find and work with an expert.

Do your homework

Finding an affordable and trustworthy remodeling contractor is a daunting task. But you have plenty of ways to find contractors. Get recommendations from people in your circle. Start with local hires.

Do the legwork

Once you get a recommendation, dig into the contractor’s background. Is the individual licensed and insured? Move on to another contractor if that isn’t the case.

Set up a meeting

You always get a better sense of the person when you talk to them. Set up a meeting so you can ask questions. Did they prepare for the meeting? Is the office presentable or dirty, with plenty of signs of neglect? How they present themselves during that meeting will have an impact on your hiring decision.

Ask about a project

By now, you should already have gone over the firm’s portfolio. Pick a project you liked and ask them to walk you through the work they did. Pros won’t have any problem giving out that information. If the contractor can’t tell, then that’s a red flag.

Talk about the cost

Sort out the payment details. What payment options does the contractor work with? If the individual asks for the full payment upfront and insists on getting it in cash, walk away.

Find a match

A seasoned contractor will only start the project after asking for a detailed list of what you want and need. If you have references, this is the perfect time to share them with your contractor. If your contractor doesn’t ask or incorporate your preferences into the design, look elsewhere.