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Doing Flood Damage Restoration in Colorado Springs

When someone finds they have a flood situation within the basement of their home, they will want to take the needed steps in doing a flood damage restoration in Colorado Springs afterward to avoid excessive damage to their structure and belongings. There are several steps that will need to be taken to have a successful restoration session. Here are some of the tasks a restoration service will do to ensure the home does not sustain irreparable damage.

The Water Will Be Removed

When a restoration service arrives at a home, they will first remove any standing water from within the basement. This is done with high-powered pumps so the water is removed as fast as possible. If there is no power inside of the home, the service will be able to provide their own power source to do the job effectively.

The Area Will Be Dried

Oscillating fans will be set up inside of the basement to aid in drying all items affected by saturation. The homeowner can leave windows and doors open so flowing air will also aid in drying the area a bit faster. Dehumidifers will also be used to remove moisture from the area if needed.

Mold Remediation Will Be Done

The damage restoration service will then remove any pieces of drywall that had been touched by standing water. Since drywall is prone to black mold accumulation, it is best to replace the pieces. Carpeting will be removed and cleaned if necessary. Since carpeting padding retains moisture, it is best to have it replaced with a new piece. After these items are removed, the service will wipe down all surfaces touched by water with a mold and mildew removing solution. The company will have commercial-grade products on hand to effectively kill mold spores promptly.

When there is a need to contact a service that does Flood Damage Restoration in Colorado Springs, finding one that will come to the scene immediately is best. Browse our website to find out more about the services offered or to make an appointment for an evaluation of the damage sustained within the home today.