Experienced Gutter Repair in Connecticut

by | Jul 28, 2016 | Home Improvement

Gutters are an essential part of the exterior of any building. They are important to the protection of the roof, the siding, the foundation, and the landscape. When repairs are needed, having a company with fifty years of experience in Gutter Repair in Connecticut can help save owners time and money. The best way to keep repair costs down is to keep gutters clean and clear of debris, leaves, and bird nests. Clogs in the gutters can happen quickly, and cause a lot of damage. Water that cannot run off the roof can collect in small indentations, cause leaks, and result in premature deterioration of the roof.

Another issue with gutters is separation from the building. It can happen slowly so it is not always noticed right away, especially if is occurs at the back of the building. Once part of the gutter has pulled away, water begins to infiltrate the siding. It can seep in from the top of the siding, at the corners, or at spaces where siding meets the ledge. The problem is often noticed too late, and there has been extensive damaged caused. That can result in major repairs to the siding, along with Gutter Repair in Connecticut. The foundation is compromised and weakened when downspouts become disconnected from the gutter system, or they are damaged or bent. Water collects in puddles and erodes the lawn. The foundation can become cracked, and leaks in the basement can occur.

In addition to having the gutters inspected and cleaned annually, there are a few steps that building owners can take to prevent clogs and damage. One way is to have guards installed in the gutters. Some guards are fine screens that prevent leaves and debris from entering the gutter. The water flows freely, and there are no blockages or clogs to worry about. Some debris can get through, but it is drastically reduced. Another type of gutter guard is advanced protection that comes with a lifetime warranty. The Flo-Free Leaf Gutter Guards can be installed on any pitch and is invisible from the ground. The nylon is placed from the bottom of the gutter, over the top, and onto the other side. It is thick so it will not collapse under the weight of ice and snow, and will not dent in heavy rains. Owners can Visit the website to learn more about preventative maintenance, gutter repairs, and annual inspection services.

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