Erosion Control Matting In Sydney: Benefits

by | Feb 27, 2019 | Concrete Contractor

Erosion control matting in Sydney is used by many in the water management industry. If you worry about erosion, you need a way to control it, and these mats can be beneficial. Usually, the mat is made using natural fibres and can be rolled out wherever it is required. It holds the dirt/mud in place. However, traditional mats can be washed away or blow away in the wind, which is why many civil engineers look for ways to combat this issue. You’ll find that using concrete canvas products are beneficial; the product adheres to the matting regardless of its type and is flexible enough to move with the water and prevent erosion.

Erosion control matting in Sydney can strengthen the soil around the culvert or drainage system. The mat holds the dirt in place, but you can also drape the mat into the concrete infrastructure and use concrete canvas, which hardens around the mat. That way, the mat never shifts or moves, and the soil is contained and stays where it’s supposed to be. These mats are easy to transport to the area where they are required and usually come in rolls. You just roll it out where you need it, use the concrete canvas where applicable, and take care of your erosion problem.

Infrastructure Technologies Pty Ltd offers Aqualiner, which works well with all types of erosion control matting in Sydney. It’s highly durable and does not sustain fire, making it ideal for a variety of applications. You can lay it on substrates, irrigation channels, culverts, and much more. It’s designed to work with nonwoven and woven geofabrics, so you can use almost any matting that you desire. Plus, it is a permanent fixture that controls erosion both underneath the concrete waterway and around it, making it an excellent choice for companies that want to be environmentally friendly.

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