Dumpster Solutions in Camden County for Large Landscaping Projects

by | Jul 12, 2019 | Lawn Care Service

Dumpster Solutions in Camden County can be necessary for major landscaping projects. Most owners of businesses and residential property don’t have access to a dump truck, but they can rent a dumpster to haul away a variety of materials. For example, they may want a large area of rolling terrain cleared away so they can have good black dirt brought in to create an extensive flower garden.

Soil Removal

A large amount of soil is very heavy, whether it has a composition primarily of sand, clay or other components. Only certain types of Dumpster Solutions in Camden County are used for this type of hauling. The sturdiest models are suitable and they cannot be too large. The company representative explains to customers how to fill the containers. For instance, the dirt may only be allowed to reach a certain height in the dumpster.

Yard Waste and Brush

Other landscaping projects do not involve heavy materials like soil or demolished pavement to be removed. Instead, a large amount of brush may need to be hauled away. This amount of debris may not be accepted by municipal trash collection service, even on the days when they have scheduled a pickup for yard waste. The brush might include a large number of branches, leaves, evergreen cones and numerous other objects that have been removed to make room for a landscaping project. Any common yard waste is normally accepted by private dumpster providers.

Avoiding Contamination

The companies expect dirt or yard waste to be the only materials in the dumpsters if this is why the customer requested service. Trash and recyclable objects like glass and paper cannot be mixed in or the load is considered contaminated.

Quotes and Time Frames

Quotes for dumpsters can be obtained from companies like Artistic Materials Inc. The customer can schedule rental for a specific time frame, such as one week. Some orders may be open-ended if the customer is unsure whether the project can be completed within a specified time frame. In many instances, a dumpster must be picked up for unloading and another one delivered because the project is so large.

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