Don’t Delay Replacing Industrial Roofing in Appleton.

by | Apr 16, 2019 | Roofing

Industrial roofing in Appleton is very costly to replace that many commercial building owners delay as long as they can. They think they are saving money but they are allowing costly damage to happen to the building itself. Bad roofs allow water in to help rot the roof deck and leak into the interior damaging ceilings, walls, and insulation. Roof maintenance is very important in keeping these real estate values at their highest. Who wants to purchase an industrial building with a leaky roof?

Start With A New Roof and Maintain it

Every new commercial building starts with a new roof. Many of them are flat roofs with special rolled roofing systems. These systems need periodic maintenance to remain viable for the long run. Many of these roofs need yearly inspections and repairs. They may also need special coatings rolled on every year or two. A neglected commercial roof wears out and begins to leak years before a well-maintained roof will. Water leaks damage interior structure and the contents of a building. This can be very costly in a retail business with stock on shelves and tables for customers to view.

Shoppers do not like shopping in a retail establishment with pails and tubs sitting around to catch water leaking through the roof. They do not like to see tables or shelves covered with plastic to protect merchandise or even wet merchandise. Businesses who are renting commercial buildings with owners who will not fix leaky roofs may move to better-protected buildings, leaving this owner with an empty building and no rent coming in.

Getting That Roof Repaired Or Replaced

Building Owners or commercial building buyers should have the roof inspected as a starting point. If the roof is bad, don’t purchase the building, get money off the price for a new roof, or insist on the roof being replaced before the sale goes through. Once the building has had the roof inspected, get a plan from the Industrial Roofing in Appleton company such as Motto and Son Construction to repair or replace the roof.

Once the building has a sound, waterproof roof, have it inspected and maintained at least once a year. This practice will ensure the long life of the roof and save the owner lots of money. Contact us for more roofing and repair information.

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