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Common Concerns For Buyers Who Purchase A Luxury Custom Home In Seattle WA

In Washington, home buyers choose custom construction to achieve an ideal home design. They work with a local builder to make vital choices about the construction. It is their choices that define how the project proceeds. The following questions address common concerns for buyers who purchase a Luxury Custom Homes in Seattle WA.

What is the Difference Between Working with a Contractor and an Architect?

The contractor builds properties based on existing construction plans. They modify these existing plans based on the buyer’s preferences. However, they don’t make major changes that require further designs.

An architect creates a design from scratch. They acquire the exact preferences of the buyer and design a property based on these requirements. They start with a sketch or 3-D model. The buyer reviews the design and provides feedback. Select architects use computer generated images to produce the concept.

What is the Difference Between the Cost of Existing and New Designs?

An existing home design has a set cost. The total price includes the construction, labor, utility installation, and inspection. The contractor provides this price to buyers who choose these existing plans.

A new design doesn’t present an overall cost initially. The contractor provides a price based on all choices. The price doesn’t reflect the cost of modifications to the plan down the road. It doesn’t include repairs that are required if the property fails an inspection.

What Permits are Required for a New Home Construction?

The construction of a Luxury Custom Homes in Seattle WA requires a permit for the construction itself initially. Next, it needs a permit for the electrical and plumbing system. At the completion of each phase of the project, an inspection is conducted. The permits allow the contractor to perform the construction, and the inspection ensures high quality. Visit here for more information.

What is a Viable Strategy for Assessing an Existing Design?

Property buyers who choose existing designs have two options. They visit the model home that reflects the exact floor plan, or an existing property. The contractor could contact a previous client about a viewing. However, they must obey privacy laws.

In Washington, custom-built homes give buyers more freedom. They enable the buyer to choose the features they want instead of facing restrictions. Buyers who want a Luxury Custom Home in Seattle, WA can visit us for more information.