Why Businesses Hire Contractors to Install Commercial Roofing in Ann Arbor, MI

by | Dec 22, 2017 | Roofing

The owners of Ann Arbor commercial buildings typically hire specially trained contractors to install their roofing. Professionals like New Roof Inc. can provide the best materials for each client’s needs. Their technicians are highly trained and well supervised. Contractors who provide commercial roofing in Ann Arbor, MI also repair and maintain the materials they install.

Contractors Offer Quality Materials

Most commercial roofing in Ann Arbor, MI is made of materials that are different than the ones used for homes. Many businesses are concerned with ease of maintenance, energy efficiency, and their budgets, rather than decorative styling. As a result, commercial contractors work with suppliers like GAF, who specialize in systems like built up, modified bitumen, single ply, and liquid applied systems. Contractors are prepared to provide and install commercial roofing for flat roofs, which require specialized products and installation methods.

The Quality of Projects Is Guaranteed

Business clients also hire commercial roofers in order to ensure high caliber, efficient projects. Contractors provide licensed, experienced technicians with the training and experience to ensure that materials are correctly installed. In addition to extensive general roofing experience, they are factory trained to install every material they handle. Professionals have the tools and equipment to work on buildings of every type, height, and size. Each project is carefully supervised in order to prevent or correct mistakes. Project managers also provide clients with progress reports and ensure that projects are finished on time.

Commercial Specialists Maintain Roofs

Company owners or managers often establish ongoing working relationships with commercial roofing contractors. Clients rely on their roofers to maintain roofs after they are installed. Contractors provide routine inspections and can identify potential issues as well as correct problems. For example, they may suggest adding peaks to flat roofs so that freezing and expanding water does not damage materials. Commercial roofers offer emergency storm damage repair, and they work closely with insurance companies. Many also specialize in historical renovations.

Commercial property owners generally hire specialty contractors to install the roofs on their buildings. These contractors offer clients a range of quality materials and can guarantee technicians’ craftsmanship. Commercial contractors also maintain business roofing, provide emergency repairs and will bill storm or accident work directly to insurance companies.

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