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Why Blacktop Repairs in Arlington WA Are Important Even in Back of a Strip Mall

Blacktop Repairs in Arlington WA for commercial properties can range from minor to extensive. Often, cracks and small holes can be filled with hot asphalt by the technicians. If the situation has been worsening for a long time, however, the workers may need to cut out areas with the worst damage and replace the asphalt entirely there. With fresh seal coating on the rest of the pavement, there should be only minimal color differences, if any.

Problems With Heavy Truck Traffic

Cutting and removing asphalt is often necessary for the back of retail centers where semi-trucks and other heavy delivery trucks frequently drive and park. This also is typically where garbage trucks arrive to empty out dumpsters. Large cracks and potholes tend to develop in these places, and big areas of substrate can appear if the problem is not attended to for several years. The weight of these vehicles takes a significant toll on the pavement.

Potential Damage to Reputation

The owners of these lots may not want customers driving back there in any case, and thus feel like it’s OK for the back lot to deteriorate in this manner. Unfortunately, the poor condition of the pavement can make it look like the business is not doing well or that the owner does not care about the property. Blacktop Repairs in Arlington WA resolve this potentially negative issue with reputation.

Possible Damage to Customer Vehicles

There also is the possible problem of people driving back there in passenger vehicles and actually sustaining tire damage because of the condition of the lot. They may file an insurance claim against the property owner and talk about the incident to people they know. This also is not advantageous for the reputation of the business. Especially in towns where this particular business has keen competition, which is often the case in the grocery industry, customers may simply go elsewhere in the future.

In the future, having annual maintenance and repair work done on the pavement with this type of heavy traffic is advisable. Installation, repairs, and maintenance can be done by technicians with a company such as Highline Pavement Maintenance, which also provides blacktop installation along with striping. You can also connect them on Facebook.