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Avoid Roof Damage by Having Roofers in Salinas, CA Install Vents

Energy bills usually go up in the summer because of the increased use of air conditioning as the temperature gets hotter. To reduce the amount of heat getting into your home, which causes the AC to overwork, inspect the attic of your house for vents. An unvented roof can increase energy costs and damage the roof, even in winter.

Test Ventilation

It is easy to find out if there are ventilation issues with the roof of your house. Go into the attic and touch the ceiling on a warm, sunny day. If it feels hot, then the roof may not be properly vented. Call roofers in Salinas, CA to check the roof for vents and to give you an estimate for installing them if they are absent.

Prevent Damage with Ventilation

A poorly vented roof can retain moisture in the shingles whenever it rains. If it is extremely hot in the summer, the shingles can also be damaged by excessive heat, which causes them to wear out more quickly. However, roofers can prevent damage to the roof of your house by installing or replacing vents and adding ceiling fans in the attic.

Reduce Energy Costs

To help reduce the cost of cooling your home, roofers can install vents at the peak of the roof and along the eaves. The venting will help push the hot air out of the attic and keep it from seeping into your house. If you want to know more about getting an estimate for inspecting the roof and installing vents, go to our website.

By having roofers install or replace the vents on your roof, this can prevent damage and help reduce your energy costs. You and your family will also be more comfortable throughout the summer because hot air will be pushed outside before it affects the indoor temperature.