A Cable Rail System Is a Great Solution to Deck Safety and Aesthetic

by | Aug 8, 2019 | Construction Matrix

Indoor and outdoor terraces offer functionality and security. An indoor terrace could be a vantage point to coordinate staff in a large office, and an outdoor terrace could be a place to supervise your kids as they play in the back yard. To go along with the plan for a terrace, you must also consider deck railing ideas in Potomac, MD. Any building plan that incorporates a terrace must consider an aesthetically pleasing and safe option to fencing the area. One viable guardrail solution is a cable railing system.

Easy to Maintain

Cable railing systems are usually constructed of metal or treated wood. These materials usually form the frame while stainless-steel wire or metal mesh completes the barrier. This construction produces a lighter fence than conventional methods and allows wind to pass through, which means they can weather intense storms. Because there is a low surface area over the entirety of the fence, the potential for discoloring or blemishes is greatly reduced.

An Unobstructed View

If you are considering deck railing ideas in Potomac, MD, a cable rail system delivers a safe deck experience while preserving the view. These fences are great for outdoors spaces that are used for hosting and entertaining guests.

Quick and Easy Installation

The construction of cable railing systems allows for quick and easy installation and maintenance. Since the majority of the structure uses stainless steel cable, replacing a failed part is easy because they are interchangeable and easily procured. This means that you don’t have to wait extended periods of time to repair your fence.

Choosing a fence for a deck or terrace can be a difficult decision. You must consider the maintenance and compatibility with deck materials. A great solution that offers versatility, low maintenance and easy reparability is a cable rail system, and they even preserve the view.

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