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3 Types of Drainage Services that Middletown, CT Drain Contractors Offer

Clogged drains and sewer lines must be addressed right away. The longer these problems exist at one’s home or place of business, the greater the chance of an expensive plumbing problem developing. Clogged drain experts offer three types of drainage services in Middletown, CT that help property owners get a handle on drainage issues before they spiral out of control.

Camera Inspections

Before treating a clogged drain, plumbers need to know where the clog is in the pipe. The only way to get this information is to see inside of the pipe. Today’s plumbers have a variety of high-tech tools at their disposal to locate and clear clogs. One of these tools is a camera that attaches to a flexible rod, which plumbers move through the pipe. The camera captures video and images in real-time, allowing drain experts to pinpoint how far the clog is in the pipe and its size.

Cabling Services

Once the camera locates the clog, the next step is to eliminate it. One of the ways plumbers do this is through cabling or snaking the drain. Unlike household snaking tools, plumbers use mechanical cabling tools to get further in the pipe and clear larger clogs. Cabling is an effective way to clear clogs in bathroom sinks, bathtub drains, kitchen sinks, and sewer cleanouts.

High-Pressure Jetting Services

Property owners with tough clogs or those who want to clean their pipes and restore them to like-new condition hire plumbers for high-pressure jetting services. Also called hydro-jetting, this service uses a tool that’s similar to a power washer. It scours the pipe’s insides using water, no chemicals, and is safe for most pipes.

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