3 Options to Consider With Glass Shower Enclosures

by | Jun 13, 2019 | Kitchen Cabinets

Your plan for remodeling the master bathroom includes making changes to the shower area. That means taking a close look at different designs for glass shower enclosures Philadelphia. There are plenty of style choices to consider. Pay close attention to these three features and you’ll soon have the enclosure that’s right for your space.

Framed or Unframed?
Enclosures can include a frame design. That means there’s metal framework that is fitted out with glass panels. You can also go with an unframed design that appears to be completely made of glass. You may like the latter if you’re working with a smaller space. Frames can also add an ornamental touch that may fit in with your plans for the bathroom better than an unframed design.

Sliding or Pivot Doors?
Doors on those glass shower enclosures Philadelphia can be configured in more than one way. Two of the more popular options are sliding doors or pivot doors. The sliding design works well when you need to be mindful of space and don’t want something that has to open into the room. When you have more space, the pivot doors will certainly add a touch of elegance to your bathroom.

Clear or Frosted Glass?
What would you like best for the glass? Some people prefer glass shower enclosures Philadelphia that sport clear glass. This allows the maximum amount of light into the shower space and gives the room a sleek and contemporary look. You could also go with frosted glass if you prefer a little more privacy. Consider splitting the difference and choose etched glass with designs that add visual interest while still allowing plenty of light to flow into the shower area.

Remember that you want to choose an option that will look great for a long time to come. It also needs to be efficient and easy to keep clean. Take your time, compare different solutions, and then settle on the one that you think is ideal for your home.

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