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3 of the Most Common Reasons For Residential Roof Leaks in Red Bank, TN

If a home’s roof isn’t properly maintained, there are a range of issues that may occur, including dangerous mold growth and serious structural damage. If there are water stains or moisture on the ceiling, a roof leak may be to blame. Immediate treatment of roof leaks is crucial to keeping the roof and the home in good condition, but it can be tough to tell where a leak originates. Here are the most common reasons for leak-related calls to roofers in Red Bank, TN.

Damaged Materials

The shingles and other components may have sustained damage that allows moisture into the home. Damaged shingles are often cracked, corroded, buckled, or missing, and in some cases, they leave granules in the gutters and on the ground. If there are trees hanging over the roof, check them as well, as moving branches can wear out a roof.


The purpose of flashing is to channel water away from a roof’s seams. Flashing is installed around vents, chimneys, and areas where angles are present. When it’s not properly sealed or installed, water will get underneath the flashing and cause serious damage. If this occurs, call roofers in Red Bank, TN.

Chimneys and Skylights

The more features a roof has, the more likely water is to get in. Chimneys and skylights can be aesthetically and functionally useful, but without adequate installation practices, it’s easy for moisture to become a problem. Have a roofer look at the seams and the installation quality to ensure that everything is in good condition.

When homeowners are worried about leaking roofs, they should call the pros for a no-obligation inspection. Call the team at Sitename to schedule an estimate.