3 Beautiful Options in Colorful Annual Flower Installation Designs

by | Jul 6, 2018 | Construction Matrix

Commercial properties in the southern part of the United States often use annuals as a way to add color and pop to their landscaping. With the warm summer months and the ability to plant early and enjoy months of bright flowers, annuals are a good investment in the visual appeal of any type of commercial or industrial property.

Creating the ideal look for annual flower installation designs is very specific to the property and the desired final effect. When hiring a commercial landscaping service, be sure to work with a company with a focus on original, customized designs for gardens, allowing your property to stand out from the crowd.

Monochrome Gardens

A very unique and eye-catching look can be developed through a small or large flower bed, walkway border garden or even through raised beds on a property through the use of one color of flower.

White, red, yellow or even purple can be used as a monochrome color scheme in one or all of the flower beds around the property. This can be very effective as a branding and marketing tool if the color of the flowers matches the company colors.

Vibrant Gardens

A very popular option for classic annual flower installation designs is to use contrasting and complementary colors. This may include pairing one type of annual, such as petunias or geraniums, in a variety of colors in a pattern or a more random presentation. Other striking color combinations include yellows and purples, pinks and blues or white and red flowers.

Foliage Options

Keep in mind, vibrant colors in annual foliage from bright lime green to dark red or even purple leaves add even more color and design. There are also some striking perennial types of foliage that can be added to annual flower installation designs to form the foundation for displays year after year.

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